BigBlueButton is an active open source project that focuses on usability, modularity, and clean design – both for the user and the developer. It uses 14 open source components, such as Tomcat, MySQL, Open Office and Ubuntu. It supports sharing of slides (PDF and PPT), video, whiteboard, chat, voice (using Asterisk or FreeSWITCH), and desktops, which is very useful for online learners.


collaborative editors

Besides using Google Docs (its help), I was looking for some collaborative tools to make multiple people edit one document at the same time.

The limits of Google Docs are:

  1. Every one who work on the document needs to have a Google account.
  2. IE 7 may not support all features of Google Docs.
  3. If one person is viewing the document, the editing by another person in the same document becomes slow.
  4. Upload a word document and images in it disappeared.

Found some interesting tools:

ShowDocument is a tool of web meeting and document sharing.

Codoxware allows simultaneous editing from multiple users in the same document consistently and as they are being typed. is a product of online conferencing offered by Adobe.

In addition, a list of collaborative real-time eidtors is available on Wikipedia.

Citrix Online tools

Citrix Online tools make people to work from anywhere with anyone. The remote-connectivity and online collaboration solutions include:

  • GoToMeeting conferencing tool allows you to host an online meeting with up to 15 people.
  • GoToWebinar allows you conduct do-it-yourself webinars with up to 1,000 people.
  • GoToTraining online training software lets you hold interactive training sessions online with up to 200 people – right from your desk.
  • GoToMyPC allows you access to your Mac or PC from any Internet-connected computer in the world.
  • GoToAssist is a remote IT support tool.