A brief note of online survey tools

I was trying some online survey tools.

I had a list of 17 free online survey tools, but after checked them again, I realised that to some extent, the real free and usable tools are down to four: my3q, Smart-Survey, Kwik Surveys, and eSurveysPro. I used my3q many year ago, but it looks messy and seems unimproved, I didn’t try it this time. For my needs, eSurveyPro provides all types of questions I want to create, and Kwik Surveys is the best regarding to use all its features. However, I didn’t use any of them as it’s not very useful if I cannot export the data or there are limited questions and responses. Thus, I ends up with using a paid online survey tool: BOS.

There are some of my notes:

Smart-Survey: As a free service, it’s easy to follow, it supports HTML texts.

  • Matrix types of questions is not free.
  • Cannot customise thank you page at the end of a survey.
  • Cannot view individual responses.
  • Cannot export data.

Kwik Surveys: As a good free service, it’s easy to customise, it supports HTML texts and exporting data.

  • No Survey description area
  • Preview a survey will have to answer questions otherwise cannot go to the next page.

eSurveysPro: As a free service, it’s very useful, interface is friendly.

  • Cannot receive email notification.
  • Cannot customise thank you page at the end of a survey.
  • Cannot export data.

BOS: As a whole, it’s very easy to use and support most types of survey.

  • For some reason, the Welcome page is unable to paragraphed between the last paragraph.
  • Simple line text does not support “Email” checking.
  • Cannot define a question number.
  • Cannot copy a question in a questionnaire.
  • No Reset option for a question’s answers.
  • Grid type of question: if typed in texts in the question without saving and go to create a question column, it will clear up the texts. So do remember to save it first and then create a question column.

(NB: I didn’t try a non-free service of the first three tools.)


17 free online survey tools

Here is a list of online survey tools, they provide basic free online survey software as well as advanced functional survey services. Developed using Plone, Surverymoney was the first free online survey I used 5 years ago.