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It’s interesting to see some statistics about the average number of minutes consumers spend per day in mobile native apps vs. the web, and  daily time spent in mobile apps from the Flurry Blog.  However, I prefer they provide more description of each category. For me, to large extent, playing gams is a part of entertainment; therefore, game apps are entertainment apps.

There are numerous mobile apps  (e.g., Apple store). I don’t need to mention every one.  But I think this new service should be noted:

Celly focuses on transforming Education and Community with cellphones and cloud computing. It enables you to create mobile chat groups called cells. Text messages sent to a cell are forwarded by Celly to specified cell members. In this way, Celly users can communicate and collaborate as a group in realtime using the immedicacy and convenience of text messaging.

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locr is a revolutionary geotagging photo community. According to the slogan “Geotag, Print & Share – Show your World in Photos”- locr offers users the possibility of visualizing photos with the aid of street maps, satellite images and location information. locr has specialized in geo photography and geo-related printproducts. Furthermore locr provides geotagging software solutions for Windows PCs, Apple Macintosh, Windows Mobile, Symbian and the iPhone.

locrExplorer app allows you to browse photos published on View nearby photos, locate photos on a map, browse friends’ photos, post to Twitter.  It also allows you to geocode photos and to upload them to At users can share geotagged photos and create physical travel photo albums with high quality map data.

Mobile Apps

A couple of weeks ago, I looked the Apprentice episode about creating new mobile apps and beat by download times. Nowadays, it’s easy to create your own apps and distribute on the web.

Just came across two mobile apps, for people who are not playing their mobile phones all the time.

App Annie is an iPhone app tracking and analytics site. It helps iPhone developers keep track of how their apps are doing in the App Store.

Mopapp stands for Measures Of Performances… and was born from the experience of three people devoted to developing mobile innovative applications. This product is to make users see how applications performs, that is, how well they sell, how many downloads and updates they get, where most customers are, and etc.


LiveShare is an easy photo sharing application for you and your friends to snap photos at parties, get-togethers and other shared experiences, and enjoy them all in one place, in real-time. You don’t need to hunt through emails, social networks and photo sites to see everyones photos.