LER & Uses of technology using action research – Week 6

In this week, there are many reflective exercises on my own learning experience in this course study. I can see it tries to help me to gain a habit of thinking over the past activities I have taken and the comments other people made. The article “Effective Reflective Practice: In Search of Meaning in Learning about Teaching” shows an example of the benefits from taking reflective practice.

On these aspect, I asked questions and answered:

  • Have I found something I didn’t notice in the webinar recording when I watched it at the first time?
  • Why did the presenters do their research study using those methods? What’s the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Have I learned anything from other’s comments? If I were them, what would I do and why?

What knowledge have I acquired from this course? I listed the key ones for me.

  • Research method – ‘Video diaries’ which encourages students to contribute.
  • Research method – De Bono’s Thinking Hats which is to help increase productivity.
  • Inviting students as research partners (see the SALT project).
  • Conduct engaged dissemination, which is to engage the learner/user through the life of the project.
  • Collaborative writing needs people to see other’s editing and comments in a positive way.

Last but not least I submitted my assignment of producing a digital artefact to describe the next things I will be doing to take a project forward and what I found useful about the course.


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