Twitter and why tweet

After the ALTC, I thought it’s necessary to write my reflection on using Twitter.

I like Catherine Sellars’ tweet about the difference between Twitter and Facebook. That’s exactly what I was doing. Purposely I made my Facebook as a personal space, me-centered  area and only added people I know in person. I didn’t share my own pictures (I mean pictures have me in) because I thought they all know how I look like and we talk off-line. Until recently I realised that people actually have more interaction with me if I also share some pictures of me.

I didn’t twitter much although I did read on Twitter. Purposely my Twitter is for me to exploring and learning new ideas, trends and news. I didn’t try to build a social network. Why didn’t I twitter more? Reasons are:

  • I thought my work-related ideas are talked with colleagues.
  • I write blogs and people will come across it anyway.
  • Not sure if the thought/idea is suitable to be open to everyone.
  • Not sure if the information adds value into the cyberspace as it’s overload somehow.
  • If people have a Twitter account, they will read the information I come across.

Recently I started to re-twitter more information when I read through on Twitter. I noticed that people started to follow me. This kind of encouraged me to re-twitter more. A bit of bigger ego! Then I realised that I spent hours to read/expand more and more interesting stuff through Twitter. That’s not what I expected. So I did this:

  • Day time have 15 mins browse and at night have half an hour quickly browse on Twitter. Weekends vary. If it’s an interesting report, article, or project website for instance, I bookmark it and will use my to-read/to-learn time to look at it in detail. I know I miss news and useful information everyday. It’s never possible for me to read all interesting information on my Twitter. I just focus on what I have received and believe that valuable information that I missed will definitely appear again as people re-twitter. This approach helps me to manage my time well.

Meanwhile, I wonder why do people follow me on Twitter? I don’t know him/her and the twitterer’s tweets seem not relevant. My curiosity was why do people follow me rather than follow the person who I re-twittered the information from? Am I too cheeky? I asked people randomly in the ALTC “Why do people follow you on Twitter?” “I’m not an influencer, why do people follow me?”

The answers that are particularly to help me understand why do people follow me are below:

  • People trust your judgement of the information you twittered
  • People like your tweets and feel a common interest with you
  • It’s simply sharing

Thus simply accepting it’s networking and sharing, I start to follow more people on Twitter.

I notice that most twitterers state something like “my own view” or “not represent employer” on their profiles. To some extent the twitterers are cautious about the quality of the information they share as well as how other people may think about them. They try to keep a balance between “multiple-self” images (we all have!) that they give to others, for instance the information presented on Twitter about the “professional” me in an organisational environment and the “human-being” me in personal life. Actually for me, we just need to accept that the “multiple-self” images is part of human being’s element, neither good nor bad; we should less judge and more accept. Similarly to the problematics of a technology/system is an element of technology. Accordingly, an improvement for @twitter, it would be good for people to have an option to define what their Twitter scope is such as “personal views”, “orgnanisational”, “both” and/or “simply spreading and sharing”.

It may not be a bad thing to make myself more visible.


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