Flipping Teaching and Learning Resources E-book by EmergingEdTech.com

I had a bit time to read the “The 2014 Free Flipped Teaching & Learning Resources Ebook“. It provides very useful resources.

The videos and articles at the beginning of the e-book are absolutely worthwhile of watching.

Good tools that I haven’t recognised here and may give it a go are:

  • Lessonpaths is renamed from MentorMob. It allows people to create, share and explore learning playlists of web content. You can create a collection of the learning resources you like.
  • Movenote is a free video presentation tool that allows people to present documents with video along with adding favourite content (e.g., a document or images or other files) and any annotations.
  • Tackk is a web-based platform that allows anyone to quickly create webpages that share messages, photos, videos, maps, music and more without any log-in details.
  • Teachem is a service that allow people to create lessons based on video.  Different from YouTube, it is a more interactive platform that organises educational materials together, allows questions and comments of video, and students are even able to take notes on the system.
  • Versal is a free platform allows people to design and create an on-line course, and also share it.  The Versal Foundation offers grants for people to create amasingly interactive, forever-free courses and share them with the world.

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