Quickly create video/audio presentation

I want to create a video/audio presentation quickly. Therefore I tried some handy applications in a quick and dirty way.

My needs are:

  • I want to record a presentation and have it as an avi. file or .swf file for replaying later.
  • I want it to support playing presentation file (e.g., PPT) or it is able to capture my PC screen.
  • It supports recording voice from my headset.
  • It allows recording take more than 20 minutes.
  • It creates a presentation with fairly good quality.

At first, I tried Teamviewer, free software for remote support, remote access, remote administration, and online meetings. I installed its free version. In general, it’s a very powerful tool. The problem of this tool is that it saves the recording as a .tvs file by default. It is easy to convert the file to .avi type, but the watermark of “Teamviewer” in the presentation is irremovable.

I tried Anymeeting, a free web conferencing & webinar service. This application provides a variety of useful functions. However, in relation to my particular demands, two things bother me. Firstly, it’s not Ads-free, therefore it cannot provide a clean presentation screen.  Secondly, the recording is hosted on Anymeeting website.  I may need third-party tools to help download the recordings on the Anymeeting website. See this GetFLV video.

I had a quick look at the Screenbird (the free version needs Java plug-in,  recording is stored on the website, and video expires in 6 months) and Debut Video Recording Software (it’s not really free).

Then I tried Webinaria, a free open source screen recording tool. It is easy to use and can produce Flash (AVI to FLV) recordings of desktop content. I can record voice commentary with the created presentation or demo.

I also tried CamStudio to capture on screen video. It is not bad, however it has a problem to record audio from my headset, but it’s fine to record audio from webcam. I managed to solve the problem by following this video.

Well, I don’t have time to test more applications. So far, Webinaria and CamStudio allow me create a quick video/audio presentation and save it for later use.


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