Another note of online survey tools

I tried Google Forms to create an online survey today as the BOS is inconvenient to some extent when I create a specific survey (I have noted it in my previous post). I am looking forward to using a new version of BOS….

The things I like about Google Forms are:

  • Very easy to use.
  • Free with unlimited amount of surveys and space for well over 1,000 responses.
  • The user can structure/re-structure a survey easily (e.g., moving a page, moving a section, or moving a question to different pages)
  • Provided a “Back” button, allows the user to go back previous pages.
  • Contingency question allows the user to go particular page based on the answer (e.g., If Yes, go to Question A, If No, go to the end of the survey).
  • It supports follow-up/contingency function for pages too.
  • The user can copy pages/sections/questions easily.
  • Immediate statistical summary.
  • Export data to .PDF, csv, html, etc.


  • When I checked the “View responses” table, it only shows one response though I had three responses. (The “Summary of responses” displays correctly)
  • It does not support a limited number of answers (for multiple choice), for instance, enter the minimum and maximum number of answers that can be ticked.

It may need features:

  • A progress bar to tell the user the progress

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