Eyes protection apps

My friend reminded me that I need to get eyes checked regularly. Yes, as a computer/Internet “addict”, technology does not only bring fun, but also could damage my health.

I started to try F.lux, an app designed to make your eyes feel a little more comfortable while working on a computer. It has free versions for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Linux.  The version for Mac supports setting your location by latitude and postcode. The version for Windows only supports setting location by latitude. You can go to the F.Lux website to check the latitude of your location.

There are some other similar apps:

  • Dimmer is a very small and free piece of software designed to provide brightness reduction on LCD screens, TFT screens and LED screens.
  • Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings.
  • Eye-Related Downloads and Apps for You

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