A break of blogging

I haven’t written blogs for two months because of … When time limits, I don’t blog…

Sometimes when I need to find something I came across before, I search this blog. It’s my information base and also a  resource I feel happy to share with those who may have similar needs.

There are some things I found interesting after a break of blogging:

  • It’s nice that WordPress blocks many nonsense comments.  I cannot see the point why people left irrelevant information on this blog.
  • Nowadays, getting free things is not easy, isn’t it? I am happy to see comments that tell me they found the information is useful. However, I’d like to see an accessible site. If they don’t have one, anonymous is fine. I hope people who found it’s hard to find certain information can share their useful resources too. Sharing useful resources can never be done by one person.
  • I once again realise the importance of information seeking skills. It took me two months to find a particular item on the internet as at the beginning I thought it’s easy to find in most shops. It’s highly related to the availability of the item over the period of time I searched (when), the resources that I looked (who to ask; where), and the ways I used to search (ask the right question; how). So does searching information on the web.

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