Know popular languages and your systems

A friend asked me if it’s difficult to learn Java and how quick it would be? It depends on the person’s previous programming experience. Actually, it doesn’t take long to learn a new language if they wrote code before, from a week to a couple of months, no matter what C++, python, PHP, or Ruby. Also, it depends on whether they want to do advanced programming. Mostly, it’s learning by doing.

It’s always nice to know how to code if you are a manager to support e-learning. However, it’s not essential. What important is to know some programming concepts such as objects, classes, and APIs; to know what languages are used in your systems. For instance,

  • Google main production – used to use Python, now largely C++ and Java
  • Firefox – C++, JavaScrip, XUL, XBL
  • Moodle – mainly PHP, Javascript
  • Blackboard – used to use Perl and Java, now largely Java
  • Twitter – RoR, Scala
  • Facebook – PHP
  • MySpace – used to use ColdFusion, then BlueDragon
  • MSN – ASP

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