Literacies: Computer, Digital, Information, Media and more (2)

To some extent, information literacy emphasises learning skills more on how, where, and what methods (e.g., technologies) to use to search valuable information for your purpose. Digital literacy states skills more than information literacy covers; it emphasises skills of using digital technologies to search valuable information, create information, and add value into resources.

A recent NMC Horizon Report stated the most notable emerging technology topics, trends, and challenges for tertiary education in the United Kingdom over the next five years. “Digital media literacy” is one of the topics. They didn’t give a definition of the term, but emphasised:

… As lecturers and professors begin to realize that they are limiting their students by not helping them to develop and use digital media literacy skills across the curriculum, the lack of formal training is being offset through professional development or informal learning, but we are far from seeing digital media literacy as a norm. This challenge is exacerbated by the fact that digital literacy is less about tools and more about thinking, and thus skills and standards based on tools and platforms have proven to be somewhat ephemeral.  (p.18)



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