Three books for educators

<<Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware>> by Andt Hunt (2008, Pragmatic Bookshelf). This book represents the best way to help you become an expert learner, improve your skills, and teach you how to improve your work efficiency by learning fast and easily.

ISBN: 978-1934356050

<<Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative>> by Sir Ken Robinson (2011, 2en ed., Capstone). It is a new edition of the book to mark its tenth anniversary.

ISBN: 978-1907312472

<<The New Learning Architect>> by Clive Shepherd (2011, Onlignment). The new learning architect is at the vanguard of the next generation of learning and development professionals, taking advantage of the latest tools, technologies and thinking to help organisations meet the acute financial, time and environmental pressures of the 21st century.

ISBN: 978-1446769805


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