Technology-Enhanced Education Conference

I attended the Technology-Enhanced Education Conference today. Here is my reflection.

I was thinking the questions asked by Prof. Jonathan Osmond:
– What are big challenges facing by the university?
– What are pressures of the university?
– How do we respond to them?
– What are educational experience in the university?
– What skills staff and students need to develop in the university?

The challenges are that technologies change so fast; generations have more options than before; they do not come to the university for being taught, but also come to learn what they need in future life; staff needs to learn, improve and change more often/quick than before as variety of (oversea) students come with the eager and needs of gaining skills/knowledge for present and soon coming future.

The interaction of the discussion with student panel was excellent. Instant questions and feedback. There was one question about ‘How do students think about feedback and what they expect of feedback from lecturers’?

I was thinking that we should ask ourselves: Imaging if I am a student again, what do I expect of feedback from lecturers? We know the answer!

It also turned out that students dislike to check university emails. Why? The content in emails are not relevant, not useful information, not fun.

In the afternoon, the debate on whether to use teachnology to make learning and resources open or closed is very interesting. There are certain boundaries of what to be open and what are not in different disciplines/professioanl areas. I suppose technology should be used to help us to better deliver/transfer/pass on/sharing information. We choose different technologies for the purpose of what we want the information to be presented and organised. This actually is a big topic because it relates to issues such as online identity, open access policies, and information intelligence.

Something not very related: at lunch time, I noticed the twitter time on the big screen in the venue was a hour ahead than the time it should be. Not sure how that happened as I asked one person who was twittering using her iphone and the time displayed correctly.


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