A bit of history about Cardiff University

Learn a bit of history of Cardiff University by reading the book Cardiff University A Celebration written by Vanessa Cunningham and John Goodwin (2001).

  • The marble statue of John Viriamu Jones, first Principal of the university college in Cardiff, which stands in the Main Building is one of the works of Sir William Goscombe John, RA, the Wales’s leading sculptor.
  • The university first opened on 24/10/1883. Principal Viramu Johnes, Professor of Physics, was only 27. He was the Principal of Frith College in Sheffield, later the University of Sheffield in 1881. He died suddenly in Geneva in June 1901, at the age of 45.
  • No. 42 Park Place: the home of the first Principal, Viramu Johnes and his wife until 1901;  home of the Welsh Language Teaching Centre, and the new offices of Information Services from 2010.
  • Millicent McKenzie, possibly the first female professor (Associated [sic] Professor of Education in 1904) in the UK and the first woman member of the Cardiff Senate.
  • Student No. 1. Charles Edwards Williams (the first student to enrol in the unversity college in 1883) and John Norman Thomas (student No. 10,000). (see more)

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